Started Trying to Find Some Rare Movies

I met this old guy at a swap meet a couple of weeks back and he sort of got me back in to collecting movies. Of course it is something I was interested in when I was a little kid, my Dad had a bunch of old toys from horror movies. He was a big fan of the Lon Chaney type of movie, like the wolf man and those other films. Of course if you work hard enough you can find all of those old movies some place or another. If necessary you can get them on the or at least you can find most of those movies there.I went in my Dad’s collections and saw what he had. Continue reading

Moving in to My New Place This Week

SEE Marketing, Houston TX 77042Jane and I bought this house about six or seven weeks ago, but it was not ready to live in when we bought it. We had to get some work done before it was ready. Aside from that the kids are still in school and we decided there was no reason to pull them out in the middle of the year. Of course we decided that we could dump the cable company and we used this resource to try to figure out what we could pay for direct TV. Of course I want to get the big sports package, but that is not really going to happen. Continue reading

Searching for the Perfect Operating System

For most of my life, I used Windows as an operating system. I had grown tired of the problems associated with Windows and wanted to try another operating system. I borrowed a laptop from a friend of mine that was running Apple’s OS, and tried it out for a day. I didn’t like that operating system either. My friend mentioned another system for me to try that was Linux based. He said that I could download it from The Pirate Bay for free, put it on a bland DVD or a flash drive, and boot it from there, and if I wanted to install it fully, I could easily do it later.

I downloaded the operating system, and I was surprised at how small it was. It barely took up any space on my flash drive, compared to Windows, which took up around 15GB of space. That’s extra space that could be used for storing files, movies, or games. Continue reading

Cheap but Reliable Internet Service

Submarine cables : how the net connected the world linkI’ve been doing my best to save money lately. It’s been tight around here – this is the time of year when work slows down like you wouldn’t believe, leaving the finances tight and my belt tighter. It’s not so bad; I’m totally used to living on a financial edge like this. It’d be nice if I had a surplus of money once in a while but I don’t sweat it too much. Fortunately, I’ve found ways to save on cable Internet and my cable bill by disconnecting my cable entirely. It’s pretty drastic, I won’t deny it, but hey I actually come out ahead every month and I don’t actually miss out on much. Continue reading

It Could Potentially Take Weeks

As buildings get older, one of the first things that can go is the roof. The problem with this is that the roof is probably the most expensive part of a building to replace. Generally if something breaks in a building you just replace the exact part that broke, but when it comes to the roof you can’t really do that. You have to replace the entire thing and it just comes up being a huge hassle. A lot of people and companies that end up going bankrupt over it. I would call commercial roof replacement in essex county NJ if I were you. They offer some of the best deals out there on roof replacement and they actually do it pretty fast as well. There is nothing worse than having to close your offices for weeks at a time to have some repair work done on the roof.

You usually can’t do any work in there because even if you were in a room where the problem didn’t occur, you would still have to put up with the noise involved in the repair work. Most employees can not handle this and will end up not coming into work. So you might as well just close down the shop while they work. The thing is though that they do not really take all that long to get the job done so you should not have to worry about it for very long. I know a lot of people can take forever to have their roofs fixed but if you call the right people and offer to pay them a little bit extra to move up the time frame they will most of the time. Just remember that this is a cash driven economy and you can get to the top of any list if you pay enough.

Choosing the Best Chartered Bus Service in Singapore

If you have ever been to Singapore, you know the island is mostly urban. Space is limited. So much that the government is actually adding to the land mass of the island to increase our footprint out into the ocean. If you have visited, you know that our buildings are built with natural spaces such as gardens and swimming pools built right in the buildings themselves. In an environment like this it is best to move groups of people in buses or by rail. St. Lee is your trusted transport company in Singapore. Their line of charted buses make it easy to move any group of people from point A to point B and back again safely.

There are many reasons to need a charted bus service for a group. Church groups, corporate groups, teams, school functions and community events are just to name a few. Community Days held at park areas are best served if the people travel as a group. Continue reading

Looking for Information on Home Insurance

I am currently in the process of looking for more information on home insurance deals and such, because I am in the process of trying to buy my first house, and there have been a lot of things that i have had to learn in order to be able to make good decisions when it comes to buying a house. I suppose that I will need to try to look at comparisons between deals offered by different home insurance companies, and try to come to a consensus on what the best deals might be. That might not be easy to do, but I am going to do my best, because it is important me to be able to ensure that I am able to get a good deal on home insurance.

I have worries about learning about the types of coverage that are offered by different home insurance policies that are on the market. It seems like you could be potentially left fairly vulnerable to different potential problems, depending on the type of policy that you get. Continue reading

It Really is Not Good

You can use garcinia cambogia for weight loss as well as many other things, but its primary function these days is for weight loss. A long time ago people used to eat this plant, but now a days it is used just for its weight loss purposes. It is funny how the use of plants changes throughout time. It seems that as soon as they figure out that a plant has a second use, that is all the plant is ever used for. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is definitely not a good thing. There are plenty of uses for this plant, but none of them will ever be discovered because people are too busy using it all on the supposed weight loss benefits. Continue reading

How Much Can You Get Satellite For?

I have been looking at this place out in the country and I am quite sure that the only way to get a pay tv service would be to get a satellite package. I love the place in theory, but I am not sure if it is an entirely practical idea. The big thing is whether or not I could find a good internet connection. Of course satellite tv is easy. You can get it any place, like this deal for example that I found quite readily I have not looked at the fine print of that deal and I suspect that it is not quite as good a deal with if you look at the whole picture. Of course you see the ad for the direct tv package and they have a nice number in great big letters that is supposed to look awesome. It is going to be awesome for as long as they give you that price. Continue reading

Started Looking at a Little House

zions-slide-01At first I thought this little house might be in Canada, but it is about twenty yards inside the International border from what the real estate lady. She was telling me all about it and I got the feeling that she was having a bit of trouble unloading the place, but I liked it if I can get the price down to something that I can afford. I have to figure out what it will cost to get the monitoring service from ADT home security for Buffalo. The place has a really nice home security and automation system on it. I would guess that the previous owner liked to fool around with that sort of thing, because it is a custom built system which has a lot of features on it that you would have had to do yourself from the looks of it. Continue reading

Trying to Fix Up Some Old Photos

I have been working on the company archives and it is not a simple matter. The company has been around in various forms since around 1888. The exact date at which the company was founded is a matter of some dispute, because the records are less than complete. Some of them have been damaged and I have to figure out how much work I should do to try to salvage some of the worse documents and photos. I have been looking at something which improves scanned documents and images. I was looking at this software,, but what I need is pretty much a different sort of thing. I would like to have something which could recognize the characters on a scanned document and convert it into text. Continue reading

Started Playing Around with My New Scanner

Epson photo scanners come with bundles scan softwareStarted playing around with my new scanner and I am looking at getting the best software to do the job that I have in mind. I am looking at a couple of options and thinking about whether or not scan speeder is going to be able to do what I want. You can download it here,, but honestly I have been reluctant to use cnet since I had a very bad experience with them after I bought my new computer last year. Actually I bought all of the parts and then this friend of mine helped me to put it together. It was a lot cheaper that way and I got a really good computer that I never could have afforded if I had bought it off the shelf of a big box store. Continue reading

Great Electricity Providers for Great State of Texas

It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I have finally moved out of my parents house and I am now living on my own. I expected that I would be able to do so years ago, but there have been some serious impediment to my plans over the years. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men and such. I don’t need to state it here. Anyway, I have been evaluating Just Energy in Texas as a potential electricity supplier for my new apartment.

My apartment is new in the sense that it is new to me, and also in the sense that is literally a new apartment. I believe that it was completed last year, and I am the first person to ever live in it. That is definitely a good thing, because it is not always very fun to live in an apartment that has been lived in by other people. Continue reading

My Folks Needed a Maid

My parents are getting older, but they don’t seem to realize it. They are still both extremely active even though they have been retired for a few years now. They simply will not slow down, and it does worry my brother and myself a bit. We are worried that they are going to exhaust themselves because they are out a good bit of the day, then they come home and do chores. We decided to look at different maids in Singapore to see if this would be something that we could afford.

We contacted a company about their prices, and we saw that it would be easily affordable between the two of us. Our next step was approaching our parents about it. We had a feeling that we were going to have a battle on our hands because they are so independent. Continue reading

Just Got My New Place

The Real Cost of Renters Insurance [Infographic]I had to find another place to stay, my old apartment was just a rat hole more or less. Most aggravating were the types of people who lived in the place. It was not just loud and obnoxious people who liked to party. Instead we are talking about actual criminals who do dangerous stuff. These guys are not worried about renters insurance savings like I am. They are selling illegal stuff, although it is not like I am asking them what it is. The apartment they live in is just down the hall and there seems to be someone there at all hours of the day and night. Of course ever so often I realize that the police seem to have the place under a close eye. Continue reading

Bought Myself a Cowboy Starter

I actually built this place, it is what they call a Cowboy starter down here in Texas. That means you get youself a piece of land which is just big enough for a house and a horse lot. In this case I sort of skimped on the land, because I got a piece of land that is surrounded by power line right of ways that no one else can build on. I think that they belong to first choice energy in blossom TX, but there is a substation back behind where I built the place and so there are two sets of high voltage lines that converge there. I am sort of in the bottom of the V that these power line right of ways form. I can not build any permanent structures on the land, but they are fine with it if I want to fence it in. In fact they would rather than I do this as my horses are going to keep the scrub down. It saves them having to tend to the land as much.

I sort of cheated a bit with the barn, but I do not think anyone is going to come around and figure out that I put it a bit too close to the power company’s right of way. I am just going to act as though I was dumb if they say anything. I might pay a fine if they do see it and anyone cares enough to snitch on me, but I doubt that I end up in jail for that. The barn is not exactly immovable at at any rate. I like it where it is, because that leaves me a lot more yard, but it would not be awful if I had to move it a bit closer to the house.

Got Started on the Inside of the House

I have just now gotten started finishing the house. Of course I could afford to have a house built, but it has not inner walls or flooring or that sort of thing right now. I used to do some drywall work when I was in college and I can do that part of it myself, especially since my uncle is going to be around for a few weeks and he is going to supervise the job. I have already put in the guts of a home security system, but I need to figure out what to do about the brains of it. I bought it on an ebay auction with some problems, but I got some a great deal that it was worth it. Now I just need to find the rest of the stuff that I need. Continue reading

Just Got out to Colorado

It is pretty weird out here, because of the new laws here. I was running my errands the other day. I went to the power company to get them to set up my power company account. I needed to find some Denver high speed internet and I stopped some place at one of those retail stores for one of the internet places. As soon as I got out of my car I smelled a really strong odor that would be familiar to any person who went to college. I looked over to my right and I saw these guys standing in front of the store blazing away. The odd thing was that there was a police officer in the store, not on duty apparently. Continue reading

Finally Found a Place to Stay

comcast cable guide TheI was sleeping on the couch of this guy for a couple of nights. That was pretty bad. I had all of my stuff in the car and this guy was not exactly happy to have me over. He wanted to help me out, but not to go out of his way to do it. I got lucky when I found this place that some guy had moved in and out of over the course of one night. It came with free Comcast cable tv, although I assume that eventually the guy who ordered it is going to move in some other place and cancel this account. It did screw me up so that I can not get internet from Comcast. He apparently ordered internet from them, but while they hooked up the cable tv, the internet did not get hooked up. They probably did not have the guy who installs the modem ready.

At any rate so far as Comcast is concerned this other guy is living at this address and he has ordered Internet here. Continue reading

How Much Do You Need to Earn?

I have been thinking about the math on these ideas that I have had. I was talking about going partners with this guy, but to be honest the guy seems like a bit too much of a loose cannon and unrealistic about the stuff he is talking about. He has this good idea I think and it would be worth trying if you could stand the risk and you had the cash flow. For instance we can not afford the cost of something like cash advance loans online. That does not make sense, you have to earn too much back on the investment for it to work out. First you have to service the interest on the debt, which is going to eat in to your profits. If you go to a bank and get the sort of terms that they can offer, then this would be well worth it. The problem is getting it to the place where it would be self supporting.

At first you obviously have to put a bunch of cash in this thing. It would be like a baby that needs you to do every little thing for it. Continue reading

Commercials That Make You Think

I was spending a lot of time at home after I broke my ankle and I was limited to what I could do around the house so I ended up spending a lot of time watching TV. I realized that there were a lot of people that said that they wanted to be able to change something in your life but it came for a price, those infomercials were something else. I saw an ad for the best home security and in their ad they had a very disturbing scenario of where the woman was home alone with her daughter and a very scary man broke into their house and they had to run upstairs but the alarm went off and that was very loud. In response, the scary man left the house and ended up going to through the front door where the police officers were waiting for him and it seemed like they were there really quickly.

I thought about the fact that I have a few young children in the house and I thought that it was important that I took the time to call and get a quote for the home security system. My friends and family thought that it was a great idea to be able to provide my family with that sense of security. My husband and I were talking about the fact that there were a lot of people in our neighborhood that had security systems and we seemed to be the only ones that did not have one. I even thought about buying one of those security systems that said that they had one on the house, just to try to divert a predator. It was true, the system was inexpensive enough to add to our house so we were happy with the choice.

Who Needs Motor Trade Insurance?

There are a lot of types of insurance available on the market today. Car insurance, boat insurance, home and life insurance, even business insurance. But what about those businesses which are specifically in the motor trade? For those businesses, there’s motor trade insurance, which can easily be found at

Motor trade insurance is a very specific type of insurance, for a very important segment of industry. Essentially, if your business has anything to do with cars, motorbikes and vans, then you need motor trade insurance. For example, if your business is a garage, with a focus on repairing vehicles, changing oil, and handling other everyday vehicle maintenance issues, your motor trade insurance will cover not only your business premises from break ins or other loss, but also protect any vehicles you might have stored on your premises. Continue reading


    Event on 2013-12-31 21:00:00

    Minimum Age: 18Over

    at The Unconvention Center at Pier 94
    3 East 54th Street
    Clifton Park, United States

  2. Franz Ferdinand
    Event on 2014-04-28 20:00:00

    'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action,' the fourth studio album by Franz Ferdinand, was released by Domino on August 27th, 2013. This exuberant, unencumbered record is the first from the Glasgow band since 2009's 'Tonight.' They seem to have rediscovered the imagination, vitality and fun found on their classic, era-encapsulating debut Franz Ferdinand. Recorded over the last year at Kapranos's Scottish studio, McCarthy's Sausage Studios in London, Club Ralph and a couple of trips to Stockholm and Oslo, the LP cements their status as a unique and adventurous British band: emboldened by a decade's undreamt-of worldwide success, but still daring and defiant. It's an ecstatic rejection of the drab conventions often accompanying that level of attention and expectation.

    The ten songs that make up 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action' take what propelled Franz Ferdinand from the incestuous Glasgow Art School world to, well, the entire world – painterly lyrical detail, heavyweight hooks, precise aesthetic vision and that uncanny ability to marry arch artistic sensibility with pop punch – and push it even further. The breadth of influence, musicality and invention on show here is enormous. If this is unmistakably a Franz Ferdinand record, it is as much by virtue of its sonic daring and perfectly patch-worked eclecticism as the timeless songwriting flair that has long been their calling card.

    at Fox Theater – Oakland
    1807 Telegraph Avenue
    Oakland, United States

  3. Cincinnati Ballet and Over the Rhine Live
    Event on 2014-04-25 20:00:00
    Presented by Cincinnati Ballet

    Cincinnati Ballet's season finale. Choreography by Devon Carney, Jodie Gates, Missy Lay Zimmer and Andrew Hubbard.

    at Aronoff Center for the Arts
    650 Walnut Street
    Cincinnati, United States

Cheap DSL Was the Best Way to Go for Broadband Internet

My parents warned me that I would not be able to make it on my income on my own if I kept up the same standard of living I had with them. I was no dummy when it came to math. I realized that their Internet and TV service was more than I could budget for with my first apartment. I paid attention and followed their advice to avoid debt. I bought a used car that I paid cash for while my friends got new cars. I got cheap DSL service instead of the pricier options out there. I also did not need a new phone every time a newer model came out, and my fashion was simple.I not only can keep my apartment, I am saving money for my retirement in excess of what the pension plan at my work offers. I have no debt, Take A Look Here

Just Moved to Spring Valley

I just got a new place in Spring Valley, NY. That is a little town up the Hudson River from New York City in Rockland county. I have been given the job of assistant manager at a small auto parts shop on US 287, we make these tiny parts that go in the engines of cars. I found a little place almost within walking distance of the plant. This morning I started looking for high speed internet in NY. I am going to see if I can afford a satellite dish and the programming package that comes with it. It is not sure if that is going to be possible in the short term though. This move has sort of tapped me out for the immediate future. However my bills are going to go down a lot here. This place is a couple hundred Take A Look Here

Tailoring Cable Packages to the Individual

I know a lot of people these days are cutting the cord on their cable TV providers but I am beginning to think that these people are making a mistake! Cable television may not be exactly what it used to be a few years ago but that's only because of what the Internet has brought to our attention as it becomes an easy medium for content providers to create new entertainment models for consumers. I think that the larger cable companies such as Time Warner and Comcast need to start taking a closer look at their business models to discover what they can do to improve the quality of services.

As it stands they seem to rely to heavily on the income that being an ISP provides them in order to continue doing business. I think in essence this is going to be a huge, fatal mistake for them. They need to diversify their options and take a better look at their cable model. They should be asking themselves why people are unhappy with cable television; is it the price? Is it the number of options? Is it how the cable packages are configured? It could be any one of those if not all of them.

The demands of the American consumer are quickly changing thanks to exposure to the Internet. We live in a time where we devour more content than ever before and much of it is free or at low prices. More importantly, it is what we want when we want it - something that cable can have a hard time offering. However, with their On Demand like services they have taken a step in the right direction but it's going to take more than just that. Configuring and tailoring packages to what an individual user want would be best.

Take A Look Here

New Methods of Energy Harvesting

There is no doubt that I have long been a favorable customer for First Choice Power in Texas as they have been nothing short of amazing to me as a service provider. When I first moved to Texas, I was impressed by the number of energy utility options that I had to choose from as a resident. Considering I came from a state with only two different services available to us, it was sort of a bummer due to the fact that it was hard to find a good deal. Each company raised their respective prices year after year which to me meant that they were doing little competing against each other.

At least here in Texas we're able to find different utility companies which are capable of offering varying options of energy types. I even found a company that was offering nearly nothing short of renewable energy sources and they even let you invest into their company as a customer. That way if you install solar panels onto your home and you don't utilize as much energy that they harvest, you'll be able to sell that energy back to the utility company who will put it to use for someone on your block.

This is the kind of energy consumption and harvesting that should be a standard. Each individual house needs to become its own producer of energy rather than depending on a centralized area for energy production. It's vulnerable to security threats on its own like this as well as not being entirely efficient in the way that it spreads the energy. I hope that we begin to build homes in a better and more energy efficient way rather than depending on these archaic methods. It's going to take some time but we'll get there soon enough as renewable sources become more profitable.

Take A Look Here

I Needed More Twitter Followers

I knew that I had to find a way to get more followers as quickly as possible on my Twitter account. It is a business account, and the more followers I have, the more profitable I can be. Without a loyal following, I knew that I would probably have to wrap it up, and I was simply not prepared to do that. I looked into different ways to get more followers as quickly as possible, and that is how I came to find Buytwitternow. They are an online company that helps people who need more followers in a very short period of time.While some may just want more followers to show they are popular, my need was for a much more desperate reason. I understand how marketing works when Twitter is involved. People are Take A Look Here

Websites Adapting to Retail Stores Not Carrying Enough Rave Clothing

Websites are now offering rave clothing for sale since the style is now a counterculture fashion trend. The urban dance parties began to develop their own fashion genre over time. The style can be anything from traditional skirts and dresses in wild fabrics and colors to clothing that would only appear normal in a psychedelic dream. Costumes depicting vampire and creature themes are adapted to be as revealing as some beachwear. The enclosed urban spaces where raves are held can get stuffy.

Elements of rave clothing can be noticed in every day wear now. The boot craze and mixing skirts with crazy patterned stockings is an example. This fashion trend is popular among young adults who may not ever have even been to a rave. Body appliques, body worn battery powered lights, glow necklaces and arm-length gloves are just a fraction of the accessories rave attendees wear. Colorful wigs, outlandish glasses and full costumes are also popular as rave clothing.

There are also lines of rave cosmetics available that would make some Punk Rock stars jealous. The colors are often iridescent, florescent or otherwise brilliant. Bright greens, purples, reds and blues are common. Tee shirts with LED graphics and LED lit shoelaces are also popular rave clothing items. The list is practically endless. The rules are that there are no rules other than them being out of the ordinary. A regular pair of athletic shoes with LED shoelaces become rave shoes, but even more so if the shoes are already a wild color or pattern.

Since most retail clothing outlets only have a limited amount of items that can be even remotely associated with rave wear, websites have been popping up that are catering to the consumer demand with all kinds of rave clothes available in one location. Some of the items are right at the edge of being too outlandish to wear in public, but still conservative enough to be acceptable. These are the items now being adopted as general fashion elements in young adult society.

Take A Look Here